Chinese Cookbook Giveaway (Closed)

Chinese Cookbook Giveaway

Today I’m giving away two copies of “China: The Cookbook” to two lucky winners!

With the abundance of Chinese recipe books surrounding us these days, it can be difficult to choose one reliable, comprehensive, yet user-friendly kitchen staple. This colossus is perhaps THE oracle of Chinese cuisine – it encompasses virtually every dish, every region, every flavor of the country’s diverse foods.

You won’t need any other Chinese cookbook in 2017 with this taking pride of place on your kitchen shelf! With an extraordinary 650 traditional and authentic dishes from all over the Middle Kingdom, it’s one whose recipes I’ll be borrowing from long into the future. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or still don’t quite know how to do a quick stir-fry, this encyclopedic collection covers it all in easy-to-follow language, complete with cultural and geographical introductions. Compiled by a charming Hong Kong couple with decades of home cooking experience, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

It’s an honor to be partnering with Phaidon to give one of you the chance to win this definitive cookbook of China. Treat yourself this Christmas by following the steps below!

These Chinese-style walnut cookies feature a crispy and crumbly texture and heavenly walnut aroma.

I made these walnut cookies by using one of the recipes from the book! (Click the picture to see the recipe)

Giveaway Rules:

This giveaway will be open from 10th December and will close on 23rd December at 11:59 pm CST.

This giveaway is open to everyone.

Two winners will be selected via and contacted via email so please include a valid email address in the email address entry box (don’t worry – your email address won’t appear on the website).

The winner is required to respond within 48 hours to claim the prize.

How To Enter:

You have a total of three tickets for a chance to win one of the two copies of this amazing cookbook. The more tickets you enter, the bigger the chance to win. Good luck!


Ticket 1: Leave a comment below to answer this question: What is your biggest challenge (or obstacle) when it comes to cooking Chinese food?

Bonus Entries (optional):

Ticket 2 : Follow Phaidon on Instagram and comment on this post.

Ticket 3: Follow Omnivore’s Cookbook Instagram and comment on this post.

PS. If you want to purchase this cookbook, click this link to get 30% off the retailed price!

And the winner is:

Gail M. and Kimi W.! Congratulations for winning the giveaway 🙂


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Meet Maggie

Hi I'm Maggie Zhu! Welcome to my site about modern Chinese cooking - including street food, family recipes, and restaurant dishes. I take a less labor-intensive approach while maintaining the taste and look of the dish. I am originally from Beijing, and now cook from my Austin, Texas kitchen.

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135 thoughts on “Chinese Cookbook Giveaway (Closed)

  1. Sj Dc

    the biggest challenge is getting the right ingredients especially ones that are crucial to a recipe but might not be easily available

  2. Debbie N

    My biggest challenge is not cooking things too much when stir frying. I am getting better at it though. I am a beginner at Chinese food, I would love to win this book. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  3. rachel

    Currently, with two little ones, it’s just finding the time and free hands to cut up all the food usually involved in Chinese style cooking.

  4. Kathleen

    The biggest challenge for me is knowing if something is “right” – with European foods I generally have a pretty good intuitive understanding, but I hardly know anything about Chinese food, so I often feel that the way I did it was just a little big wrong, even when I followed the directions.

    1. Mirian

      I’m intimidated by the sauces and how to mix them. I’m terrible at cooking meat and cooking meats to go with vegetables. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention. Even if I don’t win its deserves a spot on my shelf.

  5. joy

    My biggest challenge is trying new recipes. I always seem to cook the same (easy) things over and over again. Maybe this cook book will help me branch out.

  6. EJ

    My biggest challenge is trying new things, since it’s easier to stick with the classics! But I want to find new classics.

  7. Cindy Yuong

    My biggest challenge is with making Chinese doughs, for bread/buns or for dumpling and other wraps. Getting them right is so difficult, too dry and it breaks when wrapping the filling.

  8. Mildred

    My biggest challenge to cooking Chinese food is when I prepare a recipe for a dish that I have never tasted personally, but those who will be eating what I prepare have. So far, so good for me, thankfully!

  9. Sonia Li

    My biggest challenge (or obstacle) when it comes to cooking Chinese food is getting the seasonings right! Your recipes have really helped me with that 🙂

  10. Isabel Orozco

    My biggest obstacle to cooking Chinese food is living in a small town with only 1 Asian market. Sometimes they might not have some ingredients available all the time so I have to wait until it comes into the store.

  11. Ting Gaudet

    The biggest challenge for me is finding the ingredients in a regular supermarket. Also when I am able to go to a Chinese market I find it hard to find exactly what I’m looking for. Example – sometimes a recipe calls for chow mein noodles but when I get to the market I find like 50 kinds of noodles in the noodle aisle and I have no idea which one to buy.

  12. Victoria

    I will remember how a dish I had in China tasted but I can’t find a recipe that replicates those flavors or textures perfectly.

  13. Dawn Owen

    The biggest challenge is locating the correct ingredients without having to make substitutions or omitting completely, which ruins the original taste and concept of the dish. I need to find an Asian market in my area.

  14. Susan D

    My biggest challenge is that I do not have a lot of personal experience in preparing Chinese recipes, but that is a challenge that I would not mind facing … and, hopefully, enjoying!

  15. Riah

    My biggest challenge is dumplings! I can never seem to fold them right! I either put too much filling or not enough. This Christmas will be all about dumpling rolling – I’m going to nail it!!

  16. Pennie G

    Biggest obstacle is getting the right ingredients-at least at a decent price!! It was so easy when I lived in China!!!

    (All instagrams followed). 😀

  17. stella lin

    My biggest challenge is technique: both knife skills for cutting everything into bite-size pieces before cooking (so diners won’t have to cut up their own food at the table like “barbarians”!), and stir-frying quickly over high heat to avoid overcooking food. That’s why I appreciate Maggie’s versions of some traditional recipes to use Western techniques.

  18. Phil Johnson

    My biggest problem cooking Chinese food in my wok are getting the amounts correct so I cook them properly, rather than “steaming” the ingredients (such as in chow mein and fried rice recipes). Practice makes perfect, and the family enjoys (for the most part) all of the “tries”!

  19. CC

    I’m Chinese, and the biggest challenge I have is making dishes that taste as good as the ones I remember growing up. Also finding a good stir fry wok/getting enough heat and not setting off the smoke alarm in my apt.

  20. RossC

    My greatest challenge when starting to cook Chinese recipes back in the 70’s was finding the right ingredients… Now it is understanding that ingredients might seem to be close to the same but each imparts subtle difference in the completed dish…

  21. Georgia Barker

    My biggest comment is following directions completely. Because I tend to cook on a whim and tend to substitute the ingredient I don’t have on hand for something similar. Therefore the taste is completely off and I feel frustrated. But if Im hungry enough everything taste good!

  22. Camille

    Hello, thanks for the great giveaway. Definitely the hardest thing to cook Chinese recipes is to be able to find all the ingredients. Where I live it quickly becomes impossible!

  23. Nick

    I think the biggest challenge for cooking Chinese food is finding specialized ingredients. I live next to an Asian grocery that has a lot of what I need (for example, I was able to buy dried lily buds there to make the delicious Buddha’s delight recipe from this blog), but sometimes they don’t have what I’m looking for (like osmanthus).

    I follow Omnivore’s Cookbook on Instagram already, and I just followed Phaidon!

  24. Alyssa

    Ticket1- My biggest challenge is finding some of the ingredients locally. Usually I have to plan in advance to order ingredients for certain recipes.

  25. Alfred

    my biggest problem is preparing everything in the beginning and coordinate it in a fashionable order to cook in a small kitchen.

  26. Alexandra Campbell

    Prep time is probably the worst part! But once you get fast at prep it’s quick and easy! ^.^ (P.S I have done both the bonus Points)

  27. Cynthia J. Simmons

    My biggest challenge is finding the right ingredients and obtaining the right cooking temperature on my glass top stove.

  28. Gail Morris

    I think my biggest problem is finding ingredients. I’m a spur of the moment cook and I’m not very good at buying or planning ahead for a meal (of any kind) If I remember to buy an ingredient for a specific recipe then when I’m ready to cook it I can’t find the darn recipe.

  29. John Abbey

    Although I have three very good Asian markets nearby (and others not quite as good) getting the right ingredients can be an issue (tianmian jiang for example). My biggest problem however is getting the right recipe to match the dishes I was used to in Beijing – for example: trying to match the jian bing the vendor in front of BeiYu used to make has been impossible (mainly getting the proper flour combination).

  30. Cheena

    Finding “real” ingredients! This wasn’t a problem when I lived in San Jose, but here in very small town Midwest–ai-ya! Zhao bu dao!! So difficult sometimes. Good Chinese greens are almost impossible unless I drive 2.5 hours. .

  31. Kimi Wei

    1 Always a challenge to get a high enough flame at home!
    2 We are space-challenged too so getting ingredients together in one spot for fast adding to wok is not so easy
    3 Ceramic pots break too soon! 🙁
    4 Chicken stock is always feast or famine. If I have a lot I make soup and my family drinks it all up and then we have none. Or, I have enough for one or two dishes but not enough for a third. Recently, I’ve been making stock from gizzards ’cause they cook fast.
    5 When I want to try a new dish, why do I often discover at the last moment that I’m missing one important spice and need to run to the grocery store again before I can cook it?

  32. Elaine

    The biggest challenge is deciding which recipes to make. With so many delicious dishes to try, I want to make them all!

  33. helen @ Scrummy Lane

    Hi Maggie – what a great giveaway!

    I guess my biggest obstacle when cooking Chinese food is usually not having all the ingredients readily available (although loads of your recipes show me how easy it CAN be!)

  34. Christina PEna

    I am a vegetarian but the rest of my family is not. I need a recipe to follow for meat dishes because I am not tasting it. I really want to cook more Chinese food because it is my families favorite and we have been stuck in Mexican and Italian because it is familiar. I wasn’t Chinese to be my Familiar!! Plus I have never made anything of your that was not really good and my family (4 kids) all love your food.

  35. robert

    eating the leftovers with the daily posts containing so many “that sounds delicious so I’ll make that today” recipes.

  36. Christine

    My biggest challenge is getting the right ingredients, especially when they are known by different names in different dialects or countries!

  37. Orsi

    Biggest challenge ist to find the special ingredients here in Eastern Europe and the taste!
    I always try to imagine, how it should taste it in China, when I eat in a chinese at home , I always wonder if this is close to the authentic or not…:)

  38. Marisa Baggett

    My biggest challenge is narrowing down my selection! If I could cook an entire book at once I would. Sometimes it feels like I have tried…so many great recipes, so little time.

  39. Barbara

    My biggest challenge for me would be finding the right ingredients and what I could substitute them for. I cannot find all ingredients that the recipe would call for in a nearby grocery store and I do not have any specialty store for the desired ingredients. But thank you for the great opportunity to win!!

  40. David Smith

    The biggest problem is heat! The ingredients never cook as fast as a commercial wok or gas stove. Then I always overlook everything trying to compensate for the low temp. I need a commercial gas wok giveaway! But always love the recipes that Maggie has!!!

  41. Brenda Saball

    My biggest challenge is not fixing for an army when there are just two of us. We love egg rolls but do not need several dozen 🙂

  42. Tassie Smith

    By far my biggest challenge is finding the ingredients I want. I live in rural Wyoming and its hard to get suan cai, sticky rice and a cadre of other things!

  43. Patricia

    Finding the right combination of ingredients to replicate the flavor of dishes tried outside the home, AND finding replicable dim sum recipes to make at home.

  44. Lyndsey Magrone

    My biggest challenge is texture. I like crunch (like from crispy fried pieces) but don’t want the calories or fat that comes with fried food. So I tend to not fry, but everything is then one-note.

  45. Lorena

    Finding the right ingredients… Sometimes you see them at the store or at Asian markets, but how to know which one is the best?

  46. Freda Shim

    My biggest challenge is to maintain the crunchiness & fresh green appearance of vegetables while flavoured enough / absorbed sauce for wok stir fried

  47. mac

    My biggest challenge (or obstacle) , is making the recipes stand out as individuals… they tend to a certain sameness is taste and texture.

  48. Fernando

    My biggest challenge when cooking Chinese food is fo find the correct temperature and fresh ingredients as well, because living abroad is biggest challenge for overcome. Trying to keep eyes on recipes instructions is a first step to overcome all the obstacles and enjoying the similar Chinese food because the traditional Chinese food is always well prepared in master degree by Chinese people and thanks God I have good Chinese friends here in Brazil. Thanks

  49. Bert

    My biggest challenges with Chinese cooking are:
    -Creating authentic sauces that TASTE authentic.
    -Keeping my home made attempts FRESH & CRISP tasting for consumption ( left overs) the next day.
    -Creating dishes without all of the deep frying involved… i.e. General Tsao’s Chicken.

  50. Jan Blankenship

    My biggest challenge is cooking veggies quickly enough how do you know when the pan/oil is just right?

    I follow you on IG and signed up w phaedon.

  51. bizzy

    My biggest problem is getting everything prepped & ready to go. It seems to take me forever and at the end, I sometimes forget to add something that got moved out of direct sight.

  52. Jennifer Essad

    My challenge is that I’ve tried 3 different woks, one being electric and I’m not getting the results I’d like. I’m still using a carbon steel wok but the base is so small it’s basically a wok for 2! I find your recipes to sound so yummy . About 3 weeks ago I spent the day making egg rolls, pork and shrimp and my family loved them. Thank you for this wonderful chance to win “China: The Cookbook” I’m sure there are recipes we’d enjoy

  53. Cassandra

    My biggest challenge is timing ! Getting different dishes to the table while they are all still hot and freshly made! I always seem to forget something, so other dishes start to cool while i finish the forgotten dish.

  54. Stanislav

    My biggest problem with Chinese cooking is when to add the other kind of vegetables than that given in the recipe if you do not have another at the moment and how long you should Stir and Fry it. Simply say, what kind of vegetables go together during stir frying.

  55. shamangrrl

    What’s my biggest challenge to cooking Chinese food? Finding the right products! I’m lucky, in that I have a great chinese market nearby. However, the abundance is quite overwhelming. The labeling of the products isn’t clear and sometimes I think I’m buying one item, only to get something totally different. It makes things difficult, and branching out and trying new recipes/products difficult. Also, where I live, most of the ranges are electric. Electric burners are extremely annoying. The temperature doesn’t stay constant which makes for difficulties when cooking.

  56. Joyce Fowler

    Lots of ingredients I do not have to make these recipes. I do love oriental food and would like to learn how to cook it as there is not a good place to buy it already cooked close to me.

  57. Ken Plank

    My problem is I live in a small town in southern Oregon . Our stock is in short supply , to no supply . I have found some Items online , some are many items and large volumes . Help if you can . Thank You Ken

  58. Rachael Jurrus

    My biggest obstacle in Chinese cooking is not having a well ventilated kitchen. I love garlic, ginger, szechuan peppercorns, and other spicy and pungent flavors, however instead of using a fan I have to open all the Windows and doors to air the house out after which is inconvenient. When I make some dishes your eyes burn from the spice.

  59. Lesley Smith

    My biggest challenge is picking out the recipe because I’m super indecisive and can never decide! So many good ones!

  60. Nancy

    First, a thank you for an outstanding blog Maggie. I wish I had found you a year ago, so much time would have been saved and re-directed here.
    My biggest challenge in Chinese cooking is deciding which recipe to try. From what I have come across, that would be 1 or 2 out of gadzillions!! The ingredient lists fascinate me, and yes, sometimes I can’t get them all, but in my community there are 9 Asian restaurants. Plus I’m told that the community is comprised of 60% Asian. Well…how do you approach someone whose livelihood depends on those ingredients for their recipes. I don’t want to make them fearful or angry, and I don’t want to insult anyone. Two of the 9, serve Dim Sum on Sundays. It’s some of these dishes that I would like to make. The wrapper needs more practice, but I’ve made Pork Sumai, that was quite tasty.****Have a wonderful holiday Maggie!

  61. Ningbean

    My biggest challenge is getting the flavour right to match my grandma’s cooking (because grandma always does it best!). It’s especially hard when there are no exact measurements!

  62. Doreen Bandy

    My biggest challenges are getting the flavors just right – -!: not hear the comparison in a negative light to my moms authentic cooking LOL. My other challenge is keeping the kids interested in trying out new flavors or ingredients (especially veggies!)

  63. Annette

    My biggest obstacle is finding some of the ingredients. I do have to travel a distance to visit stores that sometimes have what I need.

  64. Gail Morris

    I won one of the cookbooks and it arrived today. It is beautiful! Thank you so much. My husband requested the Chicken and Pineapple fried rice as the first recipe I make from it. Again, thank you