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Spicy regional cuisine, including Sichuan (Szechuan), Chong Qing (Chong King), and Hunan food. Szechuan (Sichuan) food is world famous for its addictive spicy-numb flavor profile. This category also includes food from Chongqing and Hunan. Signature dishes include Mouth-Watering Chicken, Dan Dan Noodles, and Kung Pao Chicken.

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Shui Zhu Yu close up

Shui Zhu Yu (Sichuan Boiled Fish, 水煮鱼)

An authentic Shui Zhu Yu (Spicy Sichuan Boiled Fish) recipe that recreates the ultra aromatic, numbing, spicy sensation you would experience in China.  There are a few dishes I’ve truly missed after moving from China to the US. Shui Zhu Yu, or Sichuan boiled fish, is one of them….
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Sichuan Side Dishes

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