Stir-Fried Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts

Stir-Fried Snow Peas and Water Chestnuts | Omnivore's Cookbook

Stir-fried snow peas and water chestnuts is one of my favorite spring vegetable dishes. It’s colorful, with vibrant green, orange and white. It’s sweet, like the fragrance of newly blossomed flowers. It’s crispy, like the warm wind that touches my face.

The other great thing about this dish is that it’s super easy to prepare and cook. Don’t believe me? Check out the video above and you’ll know I’m right.

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Asian Fusion Guacamole

Asian Fusion Guacamole | Omnivore's CookbookAsian Fusion Guacamole Ingredients | Omnivore's Cookbook

There are tons of very nice guacamole recipes and posts out there. For example:

The one from 101 Cookbooks teaches you how to select good avocados and has some beautiful pictures.

The classic guacamole recipe from Simply Recipes. I tried it several times, and trust me, it’s good.

Or if you are adventurous, maybe a mango pomegranate or pineapple black beans guac is creative enough?

I also found quite a few recipes with an Asian twist.

This one features Chinese five spice powder.

Another interesting one used wasabi and several Japanese ingredients.

I found it very creative to use oven baked potsticker skins instead of tortilla chips.

So what did I use to create my own Asian fusion Guacamole? Scroll down to find out! :)

One hint, soy sauce and pine nuts are great flavor enhancers that can make it difficult to stop eating!

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Low Sugar Banana Bread

Low Sugar Banana Bread | Omnivore's Cookbook

After almost 10 months of blogging, I officially announce that I am changing my posting schedule to 2 posts per week, instead of 3.

It has been a super busy week both at work and outside of work, so busy that I didn’t even have time to log into my blog account for 5 days. But it turns out, instead of feeling guilty, I found I enjoy this new pace of work and blogging. I have been working on the blog like crazy over the past 2 months, trying to build up an audience in a short amount of time, which resulted in a total burn out. This reality has taught me the lesson that blogging is a long-term commitment, which needs time and persistence. Rushing won’t work at all.

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Authentic Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣汤)

Hot and Sour Soup | Omnivore's Coobkook

Hot and sour soup is a very popular dish, whether in China or at overseas Chinese restaurants. The soup has an appetizing sour and spicy flavor and contains various vegetables, eggs and meats. Although it’s a nice soothing winter soup that will warm you up immediately, I really enjoy eating it throughout the year.

The different ways one can cook hot and sour soup are very diverse. For example, you can add practically any vegetables or meat you like into the soup. My personal favorite choices are: mushrooms (dried or fresh shiitake, golden needles or wood ear), vegetables such as tomato and bok choy, tofu (fried or fresh), and meat such as lean pork, chicken breast, and ham. If you want  a vegetarian soup, you can simply skip the meat.

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Beef Burger and Kimchi Pizza

Beef Burger Kimchi Pizza

I just had a blogging down time these 2 days. I was feeling tried and don’t have any inspiration of what to cook and what to write. The reason? I know it clearly. I have been working on the blog too much and sleeping too late. Deep down my heart, I knew it’s not sustainable and only after 1 month, I already feel like I need a break.

Today, I just need something super lazy to cook and cheer me up. So I tossed a frozen dough and a leftover beef burger patty from fridge to make a simple pizza. However, I don’t have tomato at home nor any sauce. But I do find a jar of kimchi. So I just pile those whatever I have together and throw the pizza into the oven. 15 minutes later, a big smile appeared on my face.

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Healthy Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo

Healthy Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo | Omnivore's Cookbook

I LOVE pasta! I LOVE mushroom! I LOVE creamy Alfredo sauce! So I decided to combine the 3 sweetest things together and voilà - I made this super yummy mushroom fettuccine Alfredo and now I’m in heaven. :)

Before I start to talk about food like crazy, I want to thank my boyfriend who gave me the sweet litter jar of minced black truffle, and thank my friend Stephen who gave me the super cool pasta machine. It is because of those 2 great gifts, I could make this best ever pasta with freshly handmade Fettuccine with the touch of truffle.

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Spring Salad with Wood Ear

Spring Salad with Wood Ear | Omnivore's Cookbook

Spring salad with wood ear is a fusion salad that I created from the popular Chinese wood ear appetizer. Wood ear (Mu’er, 木耳), also calls black fungus, is close to mushroom but with a crunchy texture. Chinese restaurants like to use it as main ingredient to create basic and simple salad, with green onion, cilantro, soy sauce and mustard.

At home, besides using wood ear, I always add more vegetables into the salad, like cucumber, peppers or celery, to make the dish healthier, nutrition balanced and colorful. I found bell peppers especially go very well with wood ear. It adds crispy and juicy texture, sweet flavor and nice colors to the dish.  For salad dressing, I used plenty of soy sauce, dark rice vinegar and some sugar to create a sweet sour fruity flavor. The smashed almond flakes add nuttiness to the dish along with sesame oil, to create a savory taste for your palate. 

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