De Buyer Carbon Steel Pans Giveaway (US Only) (Closed)

We’re giving away three beautiful De Buyer Carbon Steel pans to three lucky winners. 

De Buyer Carbon Steel Pans Giveaway (US Only)

Carbon steel pans are essential when it comes to Chinese cooking. Today I’m partnering with De Buyer to give away three beautiful pans to 3 lucky readers of Omnivore’s Cookbook. 

Chinese cooking often requires a very hot pan. A carbon steel pan is a great option because (1) it’s a safer choice since it’s made from just metal without any toxic coating. (2) it holds heat well but is lighter than a cast iron pan. I personally prefer a carbon steel pan over a traditional wok because it has a larger contact surface with the stove, which means you’ll be able to heat up your pan better on an electric stove. Plus, when you use a taller carbon steel pan, it functions like a flat-bottomed wok.

A carbon steel pan is low-stick once seasoned, and quite non-stick for most types of food after you’ve used it for a while. It retains heat especially well in a home kitchen where the stove is not as powerful as a commercial stove. If you know how to take care of your pan, it will last forever. 

I’m excited to host this giveaway today so it can be your turn to experience a great pan that makes better food in your own kitchen.

My three De Buyer frying pans

About De Buyer

De Buyer is French brand that has made all their pans by hand in Ballom Des Vosges since 1830. Around 200 years ago, De buyer was producing cutlery in a small smithy in Val d’Ajol from metals mined locally. Working with culinary professionals to develop industry knowledge and produce ‘true’ utensils, they aimed to stay ahead of the curve when it came to technical development and are the only manufacturer to work with a range of materials (steel, coated aluminum, stainless steel, copper, etc.) corresponding to the different cooking methods that characterize traditional French cuisine. Through the passage of time, de Buyer has been a constant inovator, from creating the first high pressure cooker to their celebrated perforated tart rings. 

More on carbon steel pans

Since I moved to the US, I’ve changed up my cooking habits and have been experimenting with different cookware. After cooking with an electric stove in Austin for three years, now I’m cooking with a weak gas stove in my New York apartment. My De Buyer 12” carbon steel pan has been one of the most important pans in my kitchen because it performs very well with all the different setups that would normally make Chinese cooking more difficult. 

Cooking with a carbon steel pan is quite similar to cooking with a cast iron pan, but it’s lighter and easier to handle. Plus, the sloped shape of a carbon steel pan is more suitable for tossing food.

In my previous posts, I explained why a carbon steel pan is perfect for making stir fries, how to season a carbon steel pan, and how to clean and take care of it. Check out these posts if you want to learn more about carbon steel pans.

Vegetable lo mein in a pan

Enter to win a De Buyer Carbon Steel Pan

I’m givinging away three De Buyer Carbon Steel pans:

This giveaway will be open from August 11th 2020 and will close on August 20th at 11:59 pm EST.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Three winners will be selected via Pick Giveaway Winner plugin and contacted via email so please include a valid email address in the email address entry box (Your email address won’t appear on the website).

The winners are required to respond within 48 hours to claim the prize.

How To Enter:

Ticket 1 (Required): Follow De Buyer on Instagram and let us know “what type of pan do you use most frequently?” in a separate comment below on this post.

Ticket 2 (Required): Subscribe to the Omnivore’s Cookbook Newsletter if you haven’t already, and leave a separate comment below on this post. ( Your email for the comment entry has to match your email address in my Email Newsletter Subscription mailing list.)

Ticket 3 (Optional): Follow Omnivore’s Cookbook on Instagram and leave a separate comment at the bottom of the giveaway post.

Ticket 4 (Optional): Follow Omnivore’s Cookbook on Pinterest and leave a separate comment at the bottom of the giveaway post.

Ticket 5  (Optional): Follow Omnivore’s Cookbook on Facebook and leave a separate comment at the bottom of the giveaway post.

You will have a total of five tickets for a chance to win this amazing prize.

Winners announced!

Jocelyn, Joe, and Tyan, Congratulations for winning the giveaway!


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869 thoughts on “De Buyer Carbon Steel Pans Giveaway (US Only) (Closed)

    1. Winnie C

      I used to use one of those “marble coated woks” but I finally bought a cast-iron and that has been my main workhorse the past few months!

    2. Flo

      I use All-Clad 3 layers stainless steel frying pan the most – but a wok or a deep pan would be appreciated for my Chinese meals!

    3. Jeanne

      Excited to be introduced to you via the giveaway! Looking forward to making some of your recipes!

  1. Danielle Anne Ocampo

    I would love to win one of these pans!! I love cooking and am in the process of figuring out how to start my own catering and working on plans for a business! I cook a lot of Asian dishes, practicing Filipino food a lot more since I’m part Filipino! My favorite dish is my wok.

  2. Nathaly

    The pan that I use most frequently is a wok, my fiancée and I use it for almost everything we cook.

    1. Lani Ho

      Wow! So many comments! The pan I tend to use the most is a wok. It keeps a bunch of the oil contained when I cook, making clean up just a bit easier.

  3. Art G

    My most used pans vary, I have All-Clad skillets, Le Cruset pots, and a no name steel wok. Love your recipes, website, and newsletter. I’m always learning something new and Omnivores Cookbook is my go-to site for food inspiration.

  4. Adelaide

    Love trying your recipes! Currently using a non-stick Farberware and hoping for an upgrade that can take some heat!

  5. Anthony

    Ive been using this website religiously since quarantine started! Would love to upgrade my kitchen equipment!

  6. Rachel

    I’ve been using Calphalon nonstick for a while but I’ve been looking to change up my cookware. I would love to try this type of pan, especially since I’ve been making many of your Chinese recipes.

  7. Crystal

    I need these in my life! Right now the pan I use the most is a nonstick skillet that’s too shallow

  8. Prasangi Rajapaksha

    I have subscribed to your Omnivore’s cookbook few months back. Really enjoy your tips and details for chinese cooking.

  9. Prasangi Rajapaksha

    I am following you on instagram for awhile and have tried some of your recipes. Thanks

  10. James phillips

    Have been following and learning so much from this website. I would love the chance to upgrade my cooking!

  11. Donnie Pratt

    I have a carbon steel wok that I love! Been wanting to get a couple carbon steel pans too though..

  12. Aran Lenart

    I use a fry pan the most, but mine isn’t large enough for cooking for more than two people.

  13. Liz Phan

    Believe it or not but the most used pan in my place is the cast iron! I just love the way it sears and retains all the flavor!!!!

  14. Jeffrey

    The pan I use most is a Lodge cast iron combo cooker skillet. It’s amazing once you get the seasoning right. It even fries eggs nicely.

  15. Jeffrey

    I’ve never owned a carbon steel pan. I hope I win so I can finally see what all the excitement is about! I love your site and use it almost every day.

  16. Betty Lee

    I am chinese and just started learning to cook. Chinese food to me is hard to master. There’s so many different types of soy sauce, cooking wines, and techniques. I would one day like to be able to cut up a whole chicken for the holidays like my grandma and dad.

  17. Joanna Li

    I’m a fresh college grad now moved in back home so I’ve been using the non-stick pan that’s been in my house for ages!

  18. Daniel Parscale

    I use our ceramic 12″ flat bottom frying pan the most. Great for Sears, stir fries, and even reheating!

  19. Jaclyn

    Commenting to enter: type of pan I use most? Probably non stick skillet. I wish it was my cast iron but I have yet to master and get it properly seasoned so things don’t stick like duct tape!

  20. Joanna Li

    What I’ve been loving about cooking is the look on my family’s faces when they like the food I’ve made!

  21. Betty Lee

    I’ve moved out of my parents house and now on my own. Definitely missing their cooking. Hoping I can recreate some of their dishes with your help! Following on Facebook

  22. Jenny

    I use a ceramic wok the most right now but some of the coating is wearing off. A carbon steel pan would be so wonderful!

  23. Lauren

    I use my cast iron skillet the most. Would love a lighter and larger alternative for a frying pan!

  24. Belinda Lee

    Amateur cook here! I’m starting to build my pots and pans collection and would love to try these.

    Thanks for the tips!

  25. Lisa

    Excited about this giveaway and all the helpful info! I usually use a nonstick skillet or a wok but am in need of an upgrade!

  26. Michael

    I use a 12 inch frying pan the most often. I’ve always wanted a de buyer pan, but it’s a little bit pricey for me to purchase.

  27. Takisha Cox

    The pan I used the most is a non stick frying pan. Would love to win the country chef 9in pan.

  28. Tess

    I always use cast iron but my largest one is soooo heavy. I’d love to try something similar but lighter!

  29. Michael

    Your recipes are great! Especially your Bolo bao recipe. I’ve made it multiple times now and it comes out great!

  30. Amber

    This photo makes me hungry!! What a generous giveaway! My most common pan I use is a nonstick skillet 😬 ol reliable! Just diving into Chinese cooking! So happy I found Maggie and hope to win do I have her the proper tool to continue this adventure!

  31. Susan Chi

    I like your recipes, and our family has enjoyed many of the dishes! I most often use our large non-stick skillet, as it has a lot of surface area. But the non-stick coating won’t last forever, and I’m not sure it’s the best choice for cookware due to the environment and chemicals used. I’ll be excited if I get to try a carbon steel pan sometime!

  32. Nefertete

    Signed up for the newsletter! I most frequently use my cast iron pans – I have a regular skillet, a grill pan, and a buffet pan. I love how they hold heat so well so I’m excited to try a carbon steel pan! It’s been on my wish list for a while.

  33. Caroline Chen

    Followed De Buyer! I use two pans equally — a huge nonstick wok and a 14″ nonstick skillet. I’d love to try pans that last longer and don’t have chemicals on them, but my family loves the convenience of nonstick. Thanks for your blog and giveaway!

  34. Vivien

    I think I’d use the 9” more since it’s deeper and tend to be a messy cook and spill over the edges lol

  35. Judy

    Most often used pans have to be a pretty close tie between my sauté pan and Dutch oven….probably because I haven’t replaced my wok yet!

  36. Aisling O’Toole

    I use a Le Crueset cast iron – and a Royal Doulton wok from 2002 that has now lived in 3 different countries.

  37. Judy

    I recently discovered you and can’t wait to try so many yummy recipes! Thanks for all that you do! 😊

  38. Aisling O’Toole

    Just subscribed – I love your recipes and am really looking forward to the newsletter.

  39. Amelia Chan

    I actually use an 11″ cast iron pan, but it’s so heavy. I still love it though. It’s been well loved for over 10 years and has a beautiful seasoning. My old lady shoulder is looking for a break though.

  40. Brooke

    I follow you on Facebook as well. I think my preference would be for a Country Chef pan since it’s almost like a wok and skillet combined.

  41. Salma sami

    I’m a cast iron user, but curious about these pans. I must admit I’m a bit skeptical that they work as well as cast iron…can these pans convert me? Hmmmm
    BTW: I LOVE your site- amazing and delicious recipes. It’s helped make cooking Chinese food approachable and less intimidating to me.

  42. Herman

    The newsletter serves as incentive for me to cook more interesting and very tasty Chinese Cuisine.

  43. Doris Chou-durfee

    I’m always inspired by your posts and recipes…thank you! These pans look wonderful—I usually use a combo of my wok, a copper steel-lined saucepan and old cast iron skillets my husband inherited from his mom. Take care!

  44. Daniel Beck

    Would love to win one of these greats pans! I currently use a 12 inch cast iron pan the most.

  45. Ivana

    My brother would love to have one of these and I wish I could surprise him for his upcoming birthday☺️

  46. Brian

    I use a non stick 10 inch most often, they heat up quickly and generally easier to maintain than carbon steel or cast iron. When I need to sear meats I’ll use my 11 inch carbon steel.

  47. Jessica

    I love my all clad stainless steel pans but they just don’t do the job for chinese cooking!! Would love a carbon steel to get the proper flavor and color out of my ingredients for dishes like dry hot pot, stir fried long beans, noodles etc!

    I have followed your Instagram for a couple years now and just followed De Buyer!

  48. Crystal Lee

    I use my 9” cast iron pan now and it’s really small and heavy at times. Any of the 11” carbon steel pans would be a perfect upgrade for my stirfrys!

  49. Aimee

    I am excited at the idea of learning to cook better food with a carbon steel country pan!! 🙂

  50. Aimee

    I followed de buyer’s on IG and I usually use nonstick and stainless steel pans. Can’t wait to try carbon steel! Thx!

  51. Sonya

    I need. I neex. I neeeeeeeeed! I don’t have any pots and pans because I’ve bern traveling on the road with my husband for his job. And most of the hotels we stay in, their stuff is terrible, burnt and the non stick is not non stick anymore. Makes ir hard to cook something descent. Everyone needs a good set or a few good pots or pans. 😊

  52. Emily Huh

    I follow you on Facebook! Love all your recipes and your blog! Hope I can get a new pan. Mine are all 10 years plus old!

  53. Abby

    Would love to win any of these pans! Thanks for this opportunity and for sharing your beloved recipes with us 🙂

  54. Abby

    Oops! Realized I didn’t say what pan I use most: probably an 8” nonstick skillet I got 3 years ago at the supermarket, so, time to upgrade! (Followed on insta x2 and signed up for newsletter)

  55. Heather

    How cool! I’ve been using my cast iron skillet for a lot but it doesn’t work for everything! I also love my wok.

  56. Sara mirza

    I use my stainless steel skillet the most! Have been wanting one of these for my wok purposes for a while though!

  57. Megan Leonard

    Love all of your recipes and would love to win the giveaway! Your tips have helped me out many times too!

  58. Cynthia

    When I was in culinary school, we used DeBuyer stainless pans, and once I graduated, I began building a collection at home. That was over 20 years ago and I am still using them. Thank you; this is a lovely giveaway.

  59. Romina

    I love your recipes and I would love to own one of these pans, especially the Carbon steel pan 9″

  60. Heidi

    Followed on insta and I probably use a small stainless steel pot for oatmeal the most since I make oatmeal every morning. For Chinese, I use a standard Asian market wok – I definitely could up my game with one of these 😉

  61. Heidi

    Followed on Pinterest- my Pinterest account email doesn’t match this one- it’s my maiden name email and my Chinese name as my username. 🤣

  62. Ada

    Mineral B Pro Carbon Steel Fry Pan 11” is what’s really similar to what I currently use cooking at home!

  63. Serraqual

    Followed Debuyer on IG. I use the All-clad essentials anodized cookware 8″ and 12″ pans.

  64. John Bouwsma

    I mostly use cast iron and enameled cast iron but I’ve been want to try a nice carbon steel for a long time !

  65. Serraqual

    Love your recipe. Glad to have found your website. Keep up the good work! Love from Bay Area, CA.

  66. Sarah

    Been using a non stick wok but i don’t feel I’m making authentic Chinese food with it. Wanted to try a carbon steel pan for a long time and hope to get the 9” country chef pan

  67. Serraqual

    Followed Omnivore’s Cookbook on Pinterest . I very much prefer gas cooktop, unfortunately my home does not have a gas line for stove top. Opted induction and bought Joyce Chen Lightweight Cast Iron Stir Fry wok, but I don’t love it. Although it’s lightweight cast iron, it is still quite heavy, and the heat does not travel up the sides well for induction stove. Bummer. Been searching for a good tall sloped sides.

  68. Rachel

    I use a simple nonstick pan or a stainless steel pan when cooking Chinese food—when I started cooking more of my moms meals this was appropriate but now I feel I can take on major improvements if I win something like the carbon steel pans!

  69. Kimberly Curley

    I would love this Wok. It will go well with my new ZHEN VG-10 8″ butcher knife
    Pretty please?! 🙂

  70. Cathleen Thompson

    What interesting pans!! I use a 14” sauté pan for most things but am always looking to branch out and try new stuff.

  71. katherine bryan

    I use a 10″ leCreuset skillet I have had for 20 years plus. It has a partial wood handle.

  72. Joe

    Those pans look great. I mostly use a 10” nonstick pan, but I could see myself getting a lot of use out of that country chef pan.

  73. Marquis Brown

    been cooking with cast iron faithfully for about the past 7 years or so and i definitely need to try carbon steel!

  74. Catherine Javellana

    I use my non stick pan (similar to the country chef) most frequently! I do so much homecooking / family sized portions of all my fav foods growing up that the non stick coating is starting to wear off ! My pan has definitely seen better days. Definitely would love to replace it with the de buyer country chef pan! I have the smaller skillet pan and it’s amazing! 🙂

  75. Emily Yin

    I am obsessed with the OC blog! I always send recipes I love to my parents for inspiration for variations on our own Chinese family recipes 🙂

  76. catherine

    I follow you on instagram but now subscribed to get emails so I don’t miss out on more of your great recipies! 🙂

  77. Crystal

    Just followed your fb page! If I got these pans, the first thing I’d make is fried rice lol

  78. Crystal

    Subscribed to your newsletter today! I’m so glad I found your IG/site, there’s so many recipes I want to try.

  79. Denise Yee

    We’ve been making a lot of flatbreads this summer, so our griddle pan never leaves the stovetop!

  80. Marsha Greer

    i mostly use a wok pan that is of the non-stick variety! would love to have a de buyer pan!!!

  81. Emily

    We have been using 2 ceramic coated pans, and they recently have lost thejr nonstick qualities! I am so sick of buying new pans every year!!!!!

  82. Triya

    Currently I use my cast iron skillet the most but due to the weight, I was considering switching to a wok when I saw this post!

  83. Triya

    Subscribed to your newsletter, had found you on instagram and have tried so many of your recipes since!

  84. Triya

    Followed you on Facebook as well! Looking forward to seeing your recipes turn up on my timeline! Thanks for doing rhe giveaway! So excited about participating in one for the first time!

  85. Michael

    It’s nice that the recipes from omnivorescookbook include a variety of Chinese cuisine and not just from a certain region.

  86. Raven

    I use a carbon steel wok and glazed cast iron pots. I also use a cast iron frying pan when I want eggs or something like that. My husband insists on having one non-stick pan for pancakes.

  87. Shelley W

    So happy to see you have this partnership with such a great brand! Love your recipes (especially during quarantine/cooking season), it’s been very therapeutic for me to follow your recipes on the weekends. Love that you’re in NYC too (can truly relate on cooking in a small space)!

  88. Samantha Ngo

    I just used a regular nonstick pan but would love to expand my cookware as I cook more Asian food!

  89. Leon

    I love how seasoned your pans are! Hope to get to that level some day. Right now, I’m using All-clad pots and pans.

  90. Alice

    I probably would use the country chef de buyers pan frequently since my favorite pan is a nonstick pan with high sides.

  91. Trish Hue

    I’m using a cast iron loge frying pan most frequently but lately, its been getting a bit heavy. I hope i can try one of these carbon steel pans. Heard they are great!


  92. Liz

    I use my enameled cast-iron braiser for just about everything , haha. I love that it’s deep enough for extremely shallow frying and sauces, but also large enough for sauteeing and even soups. I’ve got my eye on that Country Chef pan though – would totally fulfill my flat-bottom wok needs!

  93. Liz

    Followed on Insta! I hope I understood the instructions clearly and this is “the giveaway post” 🙂

  94. Leslie Li

    What a fabulous giveaway and absolutely love your recipes, especially the Sichuan ones! I would love to cook with the Mineral B Pro as I use my nonstick All Clad frying pan the most often.

  95. Susan Highland

    The pan I use the most is a cast iron frying pan. Also a dutch oven. I’ve never tried Carbon Steel. Thanks for this exciting giveaway!

  96. Helen

    I have been following your blog for years and have purchased the cookbook as well! Some of my favorite Chinese recipes including the amazing Biang Biang Noodles are from this website!!

  97. Helen

    With regard to carbon steel wok giveaway, I am excited to learn more about this wok! For the last two years I have been using the Breville electric wok which has a high smoking point but I know carbon steel is preferable.

  98. PAUL Cico

    I love your website, I lived in Japan for two plus years and devoured all the cooking skills I could while there. I would love to win this cookware as I have been using a carbon steel wok for probably 30 years and would surely love an update

  99. Helen

    I have also been following Omnivore’s Cookbook on Pinterest for some time too even though that is the only social media I am on!

  100. Melody Cooper

    I use a 9″ saute pan the most and a wok secondly. Desperately need new pans! Being out of work, not in a position to buy new ones so this is a great opportunity. Thank you.

  101. Lily

    I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time now. I love your blog and recommend it to everyone.


    I use cast iron usually, except for a carbon steel wok. Would love to try carbon steel out!

  103. Arlene Zeichner

    Ok this is for following omnivores cookbook on Instagram Enjoy the simple and tasty recipes. More tofu please!

  104. Pennie Gomez

    I have followed you for quite a while now. I lived in China for 4.5 years and enjoyed the food I ate/tried there (and miss it a lot). The pan I use most is my cast iron pan and my Le Cruset pans. I do have a carbon steel wok that I found at a thrift store and I am trying to refurbish it with limited success!

  105. Wajiha Hyder

    These look great! I have cast iron but its just so heavy and not convenient to use.

    P.S: I never thought I could ever cook anything remotely close to authentic Chinese before i came across your blog.

  106. Elizabeth GR

    I just bought T-Fal pans and I’m guessing it’s the coating on them that makes them smell awful when the heat is too high but man I would really love a set of these De Buyer pans 🤤 I’ve already made several of your recipes this week alone. I wonder how they would taste cooked properly 🤔

  107. Alan Blankenship

    I always look forward to your great recipes and recommendations on which products to purchase. Thank you, Alan

  108. Ti-ann

    I typically use a Non-stick deep dish skillet, it’s great for more stew-y type of dishes, but it’s hard to get the nice char of stir-fry. Would be excited to try a carbon steel pan!

  109. Ray Chung

    I currently use pots/pans from a set I bought from Costco! I personally haven’t looked extensively into brands/types of pots and pans and how much of a difference they can make, I hope to one day when I have my own place and am able to make such purchases.

  110. Angela

    1. My most frequently used oan is a 14 inch “everyday pan” with 2 handels that i bought on amazon years ago.

  111. LPC

    I have 3 handmade iron woks purchased in China which are approximately 15 yrs old. They range in size from 12″ to 18″. I use them daily. Will sign up for the lucky draw.

  112. Hope Hill

    I am signed up for your newsletter. I love your recipes and tips. You have taught me so much!

  113. Pam Moroukian

    A ceramic skillet pan is used the most in my house! Excited to expand my repertoire! Thank you.

  114. Josh Kennedy

    I’ve already subscribed to the newsletter, that’s how I found out about this giveaway

  115. Hope Hill

    These pans look amazing! I am currently using a 15″ Circulon skillet that is over 10 years old. I desperately need a replacement Thank you for the chance to win such a wonderful prize!

  116. Debbie Mar

    Carbon steel pans for cooking Chinese food is the only way to go. I have all kinds of woks but my go-to is always my carbon steel wok. It takes high heat and doesn’t stick. Great for a quick char on meats and quick frying vegetables . I’d love to try a Debuyer carbon steel pan.

  117. John Wylie

    I love your recipes, have tried several and plan to try many more. Thanks for making such an imposing cuisine much more manageable to make at home!

  118. Stephanie Spalding

    Thank you for having the opportunity to win a De Buyer pan! My favorite is my ugly, well-used , heavy ol’ cast iron pan. I learned proper care from my grandma and her sisters, which is use it often, don’t baby it and make sure the music is turned up.
    Thanks also for giving me lots of tasty reasons to use my ol’ pan!

  119. Sylvia Gostelow

    Besides a wok that my mom gave me from Indonesia, I use non-stick Swiss diamond saute and casserole pans the most.

  120. Stephanie Spalding

    Oh my, I forgot to add I follow all your socials and love To see your newsletter pop up in my inbox!
    Thank you!

  121. Michael Stout

    I use a German 10 or 12 inch non stick pan most of the time. Would be awesome to own one of these

  122. Hazel berba

    I love to use pan fry, for quick cooking of our meal, from fish, veggies, noodles and meats. Can be versatile on. Our breakfast , lunch and dinner too.

  123. Jane Volk-Brew

    I use my de Buyer Force Blue low skirt steel pan all the time. I would be grateful to be considered for one of the three pans you are giving away because a higher sided pan would be really helpful when the low skirt pan is too shallow. I began subscribing to Omnivore’s Kitchen in March 2019, follow Omnivore’s Kitchen on Instagram, and have enjoyed making many of your recipes Maggie. I enjoyed the Lucky Chow episode that featured you, too.

  124. Kathy Mayers

    (Just followed DeBuyer on Instagram) I use a 12 inch carbon steel skillet most often. I tend to make a lot of stir-fry type dishes and it allows a lot of surface area that helps with char and fond formation.

  125. Jevina Canfield

    Subscribed already but would subscribe again in a heartbeat I love Omnivores Cookbook!!


    We use non-stick right now, I love cast iron but it’s heavy to carry in the RV. Love your blog and recipes!

  127. Laura C.

    Following De Buyer. I use a ceramic nonstick pan the majority of the time. Looking forward to try these! I’ve been looking for a good pan for Chinese food for a long time.

  128. bruce jacobson

    I have used a round bottom carbon steel wok since I purchased it in college in 1974. I also have a 12 inch de Buyer skillet I use quite frequently.

  129. Latoya Williams

    I use my calphalon stock pot the most because I have no idea how to cook for less than five hungry people!

  130. DHG

    Did #1 — I use cast iron (8″ and 10″) skillet, and a Dutch oven on occasion, but I’m embarrassed to say that we mostly use the cheap nonstick skillets daily. Would love to upgrade soon!

  131. DHG

    I’m a newsletter subscriber and we just made the wontons again yesterday — it’s my daughter’s favorite go to recipe. We love our recipes!

  132. meche

    So far, my most used pan is a small cast iron skillet. I am eager to try some of these recipes but I will have to wait until I can get to Canal Street to shop for ingredients. I’ve been isolating so I only got to make the fried rice (chao fan?). I’ve been eating it about three times a week because I have the 3 ingredients on hand. I love letting it get crispy!

  133. Beverly Naiditch

    I have AllClad Steel and non-stick pans plus a 30 year old LeCreuset cast iron skillet that are my workhorses! I would love to try a carbon steel pan!

  134. Amelia Ruggaber

    We have a big family so we use the largest size pans to cook our favorite Omnivore recipes like a quick pork fried rice or Moo Shu Chicken.

  135. Marilyn Fisher

    I have been trying your recipes and they are delicious. I’m looking forward to more.

  136. Sumi Fulwider

    I really enjoy your blog and so interested in your cooking techniques…which I hope to master well some day!

    I used to use a carbon steel wok, but with an electric stove, I found it easier to use a non-stick wok with a flat bottom. I’m curious about the care required for a De Buyer Carbon Steel Pan…

  137. Stephanie novinc

    This is my go to web site. My go to site. Would love to try a mineral B pro carbon steel 11” or any of them for that matter.

  138. Brooke

    “what type of pan do you use most frequently?”
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    To be completely honest it’s a toss-up between my cheap non-stick or my cast-iron skillet that I’ve had for several years. I’ve been needing to seriously revamp my kitchenware since losing them all several years back but then COVID hit and I was laid-off. 🤷🏾‍♂️ What can you do expect stay positive and keep pressing on? Thank you for your newsletter, love your recipes and happy belated anniversary.

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    I use Anolon Advanced nonstick wok and Tools of the Trade Basic from Macy’s. Love your recipes because I can usually get the ingredients locally. I also love your Orange Chicken and Chili Garlic shrimp since I hate to deep fry but shallow fry works just as well!
    Thanks for the opportunity and your amazing recipes that are usually simple but tasty.

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    I get excited every time I see an Omnivore email in my mailbox. I have made many recipes to great and delicious success! Thank you so much!

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    Aside from that, I’m not someone who ever comments on posts but I wanted to say thank you for your blog. I’m a recent college graduate, and live with my family at home. My mom recently had to leave our home in the US for about a year to take care of a sick family member in Taiwan and I’ve been tasked with the responsibility to cook for my dad and brother. I never got to learn to cook from my mom before she left since it was quite sudden and your blog has really helped me learn how to cook Chinese dishes for my family. Thank you so much!

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    Exiting and thrilled … Thanks for giving a chance to enter this contest … would love to try out these pans.. The recipe you share are amazing 😊😊💕
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    I love your recipes Maggie( I enjoy your hubby’s vegan recipes too!) You inspire me!

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    As for cooking, in China I used a non-stick wok. In the US I use a 40 year old, highly seasoned wok. Sadly I am stuck with an electric range to cook on.

  174. Emma

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    Long-time Newsletter subscriber (Check!) and Following you and De Buyer on Instagram (PhDFoodie). Also, I use my 11inch non-stick frying pan almost every day.

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      I normally use a Wolfgang Puck frying pan all the time and woulfgsng Puck sauce pan both gifted to myself because I love to cook!

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    Thanks for offering this,
    Enjoy the day!
    [email protected]

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  193. Dmitri Wilkinson

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    I love your blog (and Gastroplant, too!), the photography on both is just incredible, makes me want to make everything!!

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  216. Christine Lao

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    I’ve been following your post for many years now, and always forward your recipes to my friends, so they can follow too!

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  230. Emily Pandzik

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    I subscribed to your newsletter and followed you on instagram!

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    Second, you ask what kind of pan I use most often. I have a 12″ wok and a selection of vintage cast iron.

    Finally, thank you.

  244. Cindy

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    Would love to try one of these pans out, the 9″ carbon steel.

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    I was especially happy to find, that I don’t have to have/use wok to get the same great result.
    Another very impressive finding was “no deep frying” for some of my favorite recipes.
    Maggie’s website is the first place I look for inspirational recipes.
    Thank you, Maggie

  253. Ba

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  254. Ba

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  258. Whitney

    I’ve been following you for a while on Instagram and have used your recipes when I need trustworthy Chinese recipes. If nothing else, this contest alerted me to your newsletter! I’m excited to try out the eggplant mapo this week as we LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE anything mapo.

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  261. AuntieMarcia

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    I’ve been on your email list since we lived in China a few years ago and LOVE your authentic recipes in English!!! <3

  262. Ani Gaden

    I use either my flat nonstick or wok everyday! Both are pretty great for churning out everything from 麻婆豆腐 to 鱼香茄子!

  263. Debbie Mar

    Of all the different types of cookware I own, my favorite go -to is my carbon steel wok. It’s lightweight and takes the high heat quickly and efficiently. Even after repeated wear it never sticks or peels. I can only imagine that the French cookware made by DeBuyer is even better.

  264. Carrie

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  265. Kym

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  266. Jennifer Jardine

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  267. Mara Zello

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  268. Catherine P

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    Big fan of your blog and platform! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes, and making Asian cuisine more accessible for many.

  269. Amanda Whitley

    i use non stick frying pans most frequently. i am following de buyer on instagram as @thewhitleybunch

  270. Darren Wittko

    I had to give up my carbon steel wok when I moved to Florida. My new home has an electric stove. But I’ve followed your advice on using a skillet and I agree, it’s much better. Lately I’ve been using my stainless steel 12” skillet. It’s ok, it can take the heat, but it’s not easy to clean. I’ve been considering going carbon or cast iron. I’m worried that cast iron might cool down fast enough in between work flow segments.

  271. Urvish Tamakuwala

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