Chinese Roasting Recipes

Roasting is less common in traditional Chinese food, since most Chinese home kitchens do not have an oven, but it’s a great way to simplify the cooking process to get great texture and flavor while keeping the spirit of the authentic dishes. Favorites of mine include Easy Salt Baked Chicken and Chinese Dry Rub Ribs.

Oven roasted Peking chicken whole chicken

Oven Roasted Peking Chicken

A cross between a roasted chicken and Peking duck, this recipe is for days when you have that craving for peking duck but chicken is all you have to work with. {Gluten-Free adaptable} Craving Peking duck? This recipe for creating chicken in the same style aptly melds roasted chicken…
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Homemade soup dumplings dripping soup into a spoon

Homemade Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao)

An easier Xiao Long Bao recipe that teaches you how to use commonly found ingredients to create restaurant-quality soup dumplings in your own kitchen. Soup dumplings are one of the most memorable dishes I ate during childhood. I grew up in Beijing in the 90s when restaurants from other…
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