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Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup

With a few drops of fragrant scallion oil, soy sauce, and fried green onions, you’ll have a bowl of super flavorful noodles ready in a few minutes.

Shanghai Scallion Oil Noodle (Cong You Ban Mian)

Make a comforting and healthy one-pot dinner with daikon radish and a protein of your choice! {paleo, gluten-free}

Chinese Braised Daikon Radish

These fried noodles are loaded with vegetables, and burst with flavor. It’s a quick and healthy one-pot meal you can prep and cook in 20 minutes.

Shrimp Chow Mein

Chicken and Rice Casserole is the ultimate comfort food that both kids and adults love. Learn how to make a healthier and faster version in one pot!

One Pot Chicken and Rice Casserole

Sesame Beef Squash Noodle Bowl - A paleo-friendly one-bowl feast that is perfect for your weekday dinner. It is quick to cook, can be prepared ahead of time, and is balanced in nutrition.

Sesame Beef Squash Noodle Bowl

Shrimp Fried Rice (扬州炒饭, Yang Zhou Chao Fan) - A quick one-bowl meal that you can finish prepping and cooking in 15 minutes.

Shrimp Fried Rice (扬州炒饭, Yang Zhou Chao Fan)

The Chinese style Vegetable stew helps you clean out the fridge and enables you to finish a big bowl of veggies - probably 10 times your average daily veggie consumption - in one sitting. |

Northern Vegetable Stew with Pork in Hot Sauce (乱炖)

Instant Pot Rice Pilaf - A jambalaya-style rice that is loaded with veggies. You only need 10 minutes to prep, then you can sit back and relax. Your one-dish dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.

Instant Pot Rice Pilaf

Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup (港式云吞面) Recipe + Video - You can make a hearty bowl of wonton noodle soup at home, and it’ll be even better than in a Chinese restaurant!

Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup (港式云吞面)

Ding Ding Chao Mian (丁丁炒面) - A hearty fried noodle dish that is cooked with a scrumptious tomato sauce with lamb and peppers. Fast to cook and bold in flavor. A must-have for Xinjiang food lovers.

Ding Ding Chao Mian (丁丁炒面, Fried Noodles in Lamb Tomato Sauce)

Peking duck fried rice tastes way better than takeout. Let me tell you a secret - you don’t need duck meat or a wok to cook this. |

Peking Duck Fried Rice

Mushroom Seafood Stew - Packed with lean protein and vegetables. It’s a hearty weekday meal that you can cook and prep in under 30 minutes! |

Mushroom Seafood Stew

Napa Cabbage Soup with Tofu and Meatballs - Learn to cook the heartiest soup, plus two tips on how to quickly create a rich broth with just a few ingredients! |

Napa Cabbage Soup with Meatballs

Easy Vietnamese pho noodle soup - Want to get a hearty bowl of Vietnamese pho noodle soup on the table within 30 minutes? Look no further! |

Easy Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup

Green Curry Shrimp - A quick fix for a comforting, delicious, and healthy meal. The cooking is simple, foolproof, and forgiving. Learn all the tips for creating your own shrimp curry without a recipe. |

Green Curry Shrimp

Fried noodles close-up

15-Minute Fried Noodles

Fried rice with eggs and green onions

Soy Sauce Fried Rice (酱油炒饭)

How to Assemble your own Korean Stew (Including paleo and vegetarian versions) |

How to Assemble Your Own Korean Stew

Chinese Beef Noodle Soup (红烧牛肉面) - A very rich noodle soup topped with tender and luscious beef. This recipe shows you how to achieve a truly rich flavor with the fewest steps. |

Chinese Beef Noodle Soup (红烧牛肉面)

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