Homemade dumplings

Turkey dumplings (A Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe)

Fried Chinese egg rolls on cooling rack

How to Make Chinese Egg Rolls

Slow Roast Goose With Black Currant Sauce - A perfect dish for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, which you can make in advance with minimal hands-on time. The recipe yields extra juicy meat with crispy skin.

Slow Roast Goose With Black Currant Sauce

Crispy Chinese Duck Breast | Peking | Roast | Crispy | How to Cook | Recipes | Fine Dining | Seared | Roasted | Dinner | Party | Marinade | Baked | Easy | Asian | Chinese | Thanksgiving | Christmas | Easter | Holiday

Crispy Chinese Duck Breast

Learn how to make these extra tender Asian turkey meatballs with one secret ingredient! Gluten free adaptable | Paleo friendly | Low Carb | Chinese Food | Party

Asian Turkey Meatballs In Brown Sauce

Chinese Brined Turkey

Chinese Brined Turkey (Extra Juicy and Crispy on All Sides)

Learn how to cook flavorful and juicy turkey breast in an hour. No marinating and brining required!

Chinese-Style Roasted Turkey Breast

The Best Slow Roast Duck (A recipe from a chef) - The duck is stuffed with citrus, then slow cooked until the meat is falling off the bones and the skin perfectly crisped. | omnivorescookbook.com

Duck de Marietta (The Best Slow Roast Duck)

Peking duck fried rice tastes way better than takeout. Let me tell you a secret - you don’t need duck meat or a wok to cook this. | omnivorescookbook.com

Peking Duck Fried Rice

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Persimmon Grapefruit Sauce - With this combination you can create a luxurious fine dining experience in just 30 minutes | omnivorescookbook.com

Pan Seared Duck Breast with Persimmon Grapefruit Sauce

Mediterranean Slow Roast Duck - This slow roast duck features very tender meat, super crispy skin (just like confit), and a sumptuous olive sauce. It will take quite some time and effort to cook, but it’ll definitely be a highlight on your dinner party’s menu. | omnivorescookbook.com

Mediterranean Slow Roast Duck with Olive Sauce

Chinese Chicken Stock From Leftover Bones - This recipe shares the secrets to making the richest Chinese chicken stock at the lowest cost. | omnivorescookbook.com

Chinese Chicken Stock From Leftover Bones (高汤)

Cantonese Chicken Egg Roll (广式鸡肉春卷)

Omnivore's Cookbook: Make Chinese Cooking Easy
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