Chinese Tea Eggs (marbled eggs) using soft boiled and hard boiled eggs

Chinese Tea Eggs (w/ Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs, 茶叶蛋)

Instant pot eggs for perfect hard-boiled, medium-boiled, and soft-boiled eggs

Instant Pot Eggs (Perfect Hard-Boiled & Soft-Boiled Eggs)

3-Ingredient Egg Fried Rice (蛋炒饭)

Potato Fried Rice | Easy | Potato | Recipes | Chinese | Asian | Healthy | With Egg | Ham | Pork | Bacon | Better Than Take Out | Simple | How to Make | Stir Fry

Potato Fried Rice (土豆炒饭)

Make the restaurant-style Chinese egg drop soup with the minimum ingredients, within 15 minutes, and without any fuss.

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

The only Egg Foo Young recipe you need. You can fill your omelet with any fillings you prefer and create a restaurant-style dish in your own kitchen!

Shrimp Egg Foo Young (鲜虾芙蓉蛋)

Shrimp Fried Rice (扬州炒饭, Yang Zhou Chao Fan) - A quick one-bowl meal that you can finish prepping and cooking in 15 minutes.

Shrimp Fried Rice (扬州炒饭, Yang Zhou Chao Fan)

Tomato Beef Wonton - These wontons are filled with fresh herbs, juicy tomatoes, and beef, creating a rich and moist texture, and they’re served in a refreshing tomato egg drop soup.

Tomato Beef Wonton

Carrot Dumplings - An elegant vegetarian dumpling that uses carrots, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and eggs to create a fresh, moist, and rich filling.

Carrot Dumplings

Fried rice with eggs and green onions

Soy Sauce Fried Rice (酱油炒饭)

Moo Shu Vegetables - A quick and delicious dish that you can serve as a side or enjoy as a main |

Moo Shu Vegetables

Chinese Corn Soup (鸡蛋玉米羹)

Chinese Corn Soup (鸡蛋玉米羹)

Asparagus Salad with Mushroom, Eggs, and Glass Noodles - A simple yet scrumptious spring salad that is wonderfully flavorful, rich in nutrition, low in calories, and takes less than 30 minutes to get ready. |

Asparagus Salad with Mushroom, Eggs, and Glass Noodles

Mushroom Omelet |

The 7000-Mile Omelet + A Big Announcement

Tomato Fried Rice with Sausage |

Tomato Fried Rice with Sausage

Egg and Green Onion Crepe |

Egg and Green Onion Crepe

Classic Tomato and Egg Stir-Fry |

Classic Tomato and Egg Stir-Fry (西红柿炒鸡蛋)

Chinese ground chicken bowl | Omnivore's Cookbook

Chinese Ground Chicken Bowl


Tonkotsu Ramen – Ramen Making Chapter 4

Zha Jiang Mian (炸酱面) - the pork and onion is cooked in a mouthwatering sweet savory sauce, a classic noodle dish of Beijing|

Mom’s Best Zha Jiang Mian (炸酱面) – Fried Sauce Noodles

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